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The AT91 Platform

The AT91 platform

The AT91 is a new platform for our undergraduate hardware labs, developed by N. Kostaras as part of his M.Sc. thesis supervised by Dr. H. T. Vergos. The AT91 is based on AT91SAM9261EK, an ATMEL evaluation kit for an augmented implementation of ARM's 926EJ-S RISC architecture. Minor hardware modifications have been applied to make the controller ports available to an external breadboard. AT91 uses a customly modified and stripped 2.6.20 Linux kernel and is equipped with a complete set of the GNU tools.

The first working AT91s were delivered at the end of 2008 and adopted for the Assembly Language and Microprocessor lab courses since the 2008-2009 academic season. The platform is also ready to host a computer architecture laboratory.

Having spent two years in bug fixing and documentation updating, as of 2010 we consider the AT91 a complete project. The latest documentation (in Greek), indicative lab exercises and a complete simulator are available in the links below.

The AT91 development team is most grateful to the testers (graduate and undergraduate students) of the first prototypes for their valuable feedback. More suggestions are always welcome.

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