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Surveillance over the web

R + D Projects

Surveillance over the web

This project aimed at the development of a surveillance system for truly remote areas. A remote surveillance station was developed by the CTI group which was responsible for capturing images of the area under surveillance and transmitting them wirelessly to a second module called wireless to Ethernet bridge. The latter in turn has the responsibility of turning the wireless data into Ethernet packets and vice versa. A software running on a remote PC can access these bridges and show the images that are captured by the remote surveillance station. Sophisticated alerts such as movement detection / intrusion were also incorporated. This was the first known surveillance system that brought together the www and digital wireless networks. Applications of these system include companies with several branches, remote surveillance applications but also hard to reach areas.


Ministry of Development - GSRT (PAVE 1999)

Starting Date - Duration

1/1/2000 - 18 months

Budget Requested - Granted

105 - 88 (million GRD) / ~308 - 258 (kEuro)


Atmel Hellas S.A.
Patras Technology Park
Computer Technology Institute

Co-Ordinating Contractor

Atmel Hellas S.A.

Contact Person

Dr. Stylianos Koutroubinas, Atmel Hellas S.A.

CTI's Research Group

G. Alexiou, H. T. Vergos, D. Nikolos, D. Bakalis & G. Sidiropoulos


Final Report (in Greek)

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