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H. T. Vergos received the Computer Engineering Diploma and the Ph.D. degree for his research on fault tolerant cache memory architectures, from the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department (CEID) of the University of Patras, in 1991 and 1996, respectively.

He then worked as an ASIC designer for Atmel Inc. He was a member of the team that developed the first worldwide IEEE 802.11 compliant medium access control processor and other network components. He rejoined CEID as a faculty member in 1998 and has since elevated up to a full Professor position.

His research focuses on arithmetic circuit architectures, VLSI design and test, rapid prototyping of computer systems and graceful degradation for fault tolerance. He serves as a reviewer in all well-known conferences and accredited journals in these fields. He is a Senior IEEE Member and a member / examiner of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

He teaches the undergraduate courses "Digital Design I", "Digital Design II" and "E-CAD for Digital Hardware" and the "Fault Tolerant Computer Systems" graduate course. In the past he taught several other courses and supervised a number of laboratories. He supervised the development of AT91, which is a complete platform for the undergraduate lab courses of CEID.

He was the Director of the Hardware and Computer Architecture Division in 2008-2009 and in 2014-2015 and the Director of the Laboratory for Computing (Computer Center) of CEID in 2011-2012 and 2013-2014.










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