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Networks Transparency

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Industrial Networks Transparency

When considering several industrial applications and different industrial sites one has to deal with a vast variety of industrial networks; some of them conforming to the published industrial network standards while others completely proprietary. This research project tries to connect this vast variety of industrial networks and provide a uniform way of accessing devices attached to them. The access and programming of these devices will be made via a standard Jini/Java interface. Note that since these industrial networks often control real-time applications the target hardware must offer both real-time and quality of service services by providing for example ATM channels, while in parallel providing a uniform programmable interface towards the Jini/Java interface operator.


Ministry of Development - GSRT (PENED 1999)

Starting Date - Duration

1/3/2000 - 18 months

Budget Requested - Granted

66 - 58 (million GRD) / ~194 - 170 (kEuro)


Industrial Systems Institute
Electrical Engineering Dept.- University of Patras
Computer Technology Institute

Co-Ordinating Contractor

Industrial Systems Institute

Contact Person

Prof. G. Papadopoulos, Industrial Systems Institute

CTI's Research Group

H. T. Vergos, D. Nikolos, M. Bellos & E. Kalligeros


Final Report (in Greek)

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