H. T. Vergos - Professor

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Research Areas

Dr. Vergos research efforts have been focused on the following topics :

  • Cache memory architectures for fault tolerance and yield enhancement. This was the subject of Dr Vergos' Ph.D. thesis in which 3 different techniques to combat permanent defects in embedded cache memories and their effects on the average memory access time were proposed. A yield prediction model for processors with a single / double cache level was also derived.

  • Testing of arithmetic circuits for stuck-at and delay faults and efficient BIST architetcures for them. A number of fully testable arithmetic circuits architectures have been proposed for the path-delay fault model as well as design rules for elevating well-known architectures to robustly testable ones.

  • Low power testing methods for arithmetic circuits and the trade-off between testability and power consumption. A number of low power testing techniques for arithmetic circuits have been proposed. Some of them are the basis for the techniques currently met in many commercial FPGAs for their multiplier cores' testing.

  • Sophisticated tools for arithmetic circuit and efficient BIST structures generation. Eudoxus and Kover (see publications section) are examples of such tools.

  • Hardware-software co-design methodologies for rapid prototyping of systems.

  • Efficient RNS arithmetic circuit architectures. Our team was the first to prove that 1's complement addition and multiplication is as fast as the 2's complement one and has proposed the fastest currently known modulo 2n-1 and modulo 2n+1 adders and multipliers.

  • Arithmetic circuits in QCA technology. This is a new field that we are currently putting some research efforts.

  • IP Core watermarking We have extended already proposed methods and introduced new ones to certify the existence of a watermark in an IP embedded deep in a SoC, for watermarks inserted either at the FSM of a core or using its power signature.

Current research collaborators

  • Dimitris Bakalis, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Patras.

Past research collaborators

  • Dimitris Nikolos, Professor, CEID, University of Patras.

  • George Alexiou, Professor, CEID, University of Patras.

  • Costas Efstathiou, Professor, Dept. of Informatics and Computer Engineering, University of West Attica.

  • Chrysovalantis Kavousianos, Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Ioannina.

  • Emmanouel Kalligeros, Assistant Proffesor, Information and Communication Systems Eng. Dept., University of the Aegean.

  • Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Eng. Dept., Democritus University of Thrace.

  • Lampros Kalampoukas, Computer Engineer, Ph.D., Founder and CTO/VP Eng. at Alphonso Inc.

  • John Kalamatianos, Computer Engineer, Ph.D., CPU/GPU Performance Analyst & Modeler, AMD.

  • Maciej Bellos, Computer Engineer, Ph.D., M.Sc., Electronics Engineer at Larisa University Hospital.

  • Evangelos Vassalos, Electronics Engineer, Ph.D., M.Sc., Senior Hardware Engineer, Irida Labs.

  • Dimitris Adamidis, Computer Engineer, M.Sc., Information Technology and Services, Texas Instruents.

  • Nikolaos Kostaras, Computer Engineer, M.Sc., Senior Consultant, Renovatio Systems Ltd.

  • Anastasia Spyrou, Computer Engineer, M.Sc., Senior Software Engineer, ERGO Industrial.

  • Olympia Giannou, Computer Engineer, in Ph.D. pursuit, EPFL.

  • Anastasios Bikos, Computer Engineer, 5G Cybersecurity Architect, Huawei Technologies.

  • Aggeliki Anastasiou, Computer Engineer, Research Assistant at Visualization and Virtual Reality Group, Patras University.

  • Georgios Blanas, Computer Engineer, Intracom's best Diploma Thesis award receiver.

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